Beowulf vs Hercules(Disney) WHo is a better hero?

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A True Hero

What is the definition of a true hero? Many people have been considered heroes for many

different reasons. Both Hercules and Beowulf have both been regarded as heroes. Beowulf was a

great warrior who lived in the time of the Vikings. Beowulf traveled the face of the earth fighting

monsters and beasts in search of money and fame. Hercules was also a great warrior but he lived

during the time of the Greek gods. Hercules was born a god but he was stolen as an infant and

turned into a mortal by his fathers nemesis, Hades. Hercules retained his godlike strength and now

he must prove himself a hero. This is the only way he would be able to reunite with his family of

gods. In the Disney animated film "Hercules" the character is a far greater hero than the character

Beowulf from the epic poem "Beowulf" because he had more of a desire to be a hero, he fought

his battles with better motives, and he had stronger friendships in his companions.

Beowulf's desire to be a hero had mostly selfish reasons. In one of Beowulf's speaches he

states, "Let me live in greatness and courage, or here in this hall, welcome my death." Although

this might sound heroic, he shows how he wants to be a hero to gain fame. This shows that he is

more worried about his personal image than the people he plans to protect. Beowulf also says,

"My lord Higlac might think less of me if I let my sword go where my feet were afraid to." Any

warrior, no matter how noble, knows he must have advantages over their enemy to win and

showing up to battle without proper equipment is a dumb thing to do.