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sources: Bergdorf Blondes by Plum SykesBergdorf Blondes - SummaryThis is the story of Manhattan girls and their search for the perfect hairstyle, the perfect outfit and the perfect fiance.

The main character, only known as Moi is actually born in Great Britain but she wants to escape from her mothers (a British wannabe) plans to marry the Little Earl who lives in the castle next door. So Moi decides to move to America to lead the party girl life in New York. But she is not alone. Her best friend Julie an original Bergdorf Blond lives in NY too and is always on Mois side when she needs somebody to help. After a long introducing into the world of glamour and after Muffy´s party she falls in love with an Jude Law imitate. Zach is the perfect PH (potential husband) she thinks. But after the engagement he behaves really strange not including that he haven´t got a ring for Moi which is the most important thing about engagements (for almost every woman).

After a lot of tears and lonely nights on her side Zach tells her that it is over and he doesn't want to see her again. While Julie is dating her boyfriends Moi is wasting her time with cheaters and married men and anytime she is in trouble or does something stupid like the try to commit suicide Charlie, actually one of Julies boyfriends is there to give her advices. But she is just annoyed by that and hates him although she thinks that he is kind of cute.

One night someone broke into Mois flat. Nothing is stolen just a really expensive coat. Moi lost her cell phone at the party before so she couldn´t call the police. After a panic attack she went to the Mercer hotel not “because of the four-hundred-thread-count-pistachio-colored sheets (...) or because the busboys there are so hot it´s beyond belief, or everyone in the hotel has that look in their eye” but because of security. While she is waiting for the service man to come back to change her keycard for her door she is lying on the floor crying. Suddenly a door right next to mois opens and Charlie is standing in the doorway. They didn´t see a lot of the Moilin Rouge Film they were watching. In the morning Moi tatally freaks out. She cheeted on her best friend. And after a long see-saw and her fathers birthay party in England they find out that the Little Earl is Charlie. Which obviously ends up in a happy end (or better in bed).