The Bermuda Triangle Mystery.

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If you have ever traveled to the Caribbean from South Florida, be it by ship or plane, then you have ventured into the Bermuda Triangle. Are you scared yet? Stretching from Bermuda to Miami to Puerto Rico, the Devil's Triangle, as it is also called, isn't recognized by any geographical organization. It's an imaginary zone where spooky stuff seems to occur. The fact is that an abundance of boats and planes have entered the triangle, never to be heard from again.

It was December 5, 1945. The war had ended and the world was once again at peace. Military personnel were back on training missions and this was precisely the case for the boys of Flight 19. The men from the Navy and the Marine Corps were to practice bombing submarines near the Bahamas. After 2pm, the entire squadron of TBM Avengers left its base at Fort Lauderdale and soon began their diving runs.

The single engine Avenger was a sturdy aircraft and had proven itself against Axis powers in previous years. The aviators believed themselves quite safe. Lieutenant Robert F. Cox was an instructor pilot flying by the Florida coast. He was intending to join up with his squadron of students when just before 4pm, he heard about their disappearance. The boys were on the airwaves indicating that they were lost and that their compasses were malfunctioning. Attempts to redirect the planes to base failed and communication was lost after more than two hours. Flight 19 had disappeared forever. At around 6pm, the Navy launched a number of aircrafts to locate the missing Avengers. Half an hour later, one of the PBM Mariners didn't report back. Another pilot maintained he had seen an explosion in mid-air and later a pool of oil on the sea surface. But...