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Christine Malfitano

Art 402

Berthe Morisot, a French painter was born in 1841 into a wealthy family. Morisot

started to receive painting lessons from Joseph-Benoit Guichard, and soon became

interested in Impressionism. Morisot had married Eugene Manet and was declared

sister in law of Edouard Manet. Though she was inspired by him and he was her mentor,

she clearly showed her own distinct style in every painting. "If we had to define Berthe

Morisot's originality, the quality that really distinguishes her from the contemporaries- we

might describe her as a painter of the early morning light. Better than any other painter,

she captured, but that is almost to strong- conveyed on the canvases the pale gold of

dawn "(Rey 85). Although she wasn't a very popular featured impressionist, she still held

a place among the greats such as Manet, Monet and Renoir.

Manet had a profound impact on Morisot and her style of painting.

"Morisot learned a

great deal about her painting from Manet, whose art she esteemed perhaps more than that

of any other contemporary" (Farwell 46). Many say she followed his style to some degree

and respected his ideas. He would often assist her in some pieces as so did she. One can

say it was a mutually beneficial relationship. "Naturally the aspiring artist was attracted by

the personality of the famous older man and admired his work. Manet, in turn, was

dazzled by the young woman, for he was able to see not only her own promise but how

much she could inspire in others" (Rye 15) . She was a French female artist of the 1860's

who yearned to pursue a career in art, in which she had done successfully. One must fully

understand that this was an age where female painters were not...