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Jennifer R. Lewis Freshman Seminar Assignment 0ne Do you love to party, cut loose, or have a good time? During high school, did you spend your four years having carefree fun? Well if so college is not the place for you.

College-secondary education after high school, established to further personal growth and career opportunities. Many students believe that college is just like high school but bigger. I'm sure that we all heard the rumors about how college is just one big drunken orgy. But that's only half of the story. Along with the newly given freedom, serious responsibilities are in tow. I'm not trying to imply that college will rob your life of every ounce of joy you posses. In fact college will have an even greater effect on you than high school did. It will be a time in your life like no other. Here you will grow, make life long friends and discover things about yourself that you never knew.

When I was a senior in high school I decided to use one of my vacations to visits my brother's campus for a week. Even though I was mainly there to see if this college was a future prospect, a big part of me couldn't wait to see all the guys and maybe attend a few fraternity parties. But to my surprise, I came the week before midterms. And even though I didn't get to paint the town red, I did get to see how much studying is a part of college life. I also noticed that the students with decent grades had good study habits and were goal orientated, but they also made leisure room in their schedules.

Though I had the chance to really see what higher education is like, many haven't the opportunity.