The Best And Worst Of Television

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Television? Is there a best or worst of television? Actually, there's both. Television has its ups and downs, or its bests and worsts. The best being sitcoms, or situation comedies, shows like, "Friends" and "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air," and the worst being talk shows, such as "The Jerry Springer Show." These sitcoms depict everyday life. They produce family values and warm the hearts of the viewers. It also provides laughs and situations people can relate to in their own lives. As for talk shows, they produce a negative perception of people's lives. They are loaded with profanity, violence, and perverse display.

"Friends," a hit comedy focusing on the lives and friendship of six close friends. The series is set in New York City where each individual encounters their own problems and obstacles, yet overcoming them with the aid of their friends, similar to the way we rely on friends in our daily lives.

For instance, during one episode, Ross(David Schwimmer) and Rachel(Jennifer Aniston), after breaking up, compete to spend time with their other friends. Soon Ross is excluded from Rachel's ski trip with her pals, but along the way they have car trouble and they are forced to call Ross for help. And in good-heart and friendship, Ross rushes to the rescue. Even though faced with a dilemma, each character has their own unique way to make the viewers laugh. Although the show generates immense laughter, it also causes people to reflect their own lives and how much they relate to such issues.

Even though no longer producing new episodes, "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" is still a great show. The series evolves around a young streetwise kid from Philadelphia who is adopted by his wealthy and successful relatives in Bel...