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Bob Marley the Legend

Bob Marley the man, the musician, the legend united countries, political adversaries, and brought new connotation to the world of reggae music. Through his music Bob Marley has touched many people; he was an inspiration to the masses of poverty stricken people of Jamaica and the world. Bob Marley was a leading voice of his generation who received Jamaica's Order of Merit, the United Nations Medal of Peace, and a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley) was born February 6, 1945 in the Nine Miles area of St. Ann's Parish, Jamaica. He was born to Cedella Booker, a teenage Jamaican mother and Captain Norval Marley, a 50 year old quartermaster in the British West Indian Regiment. His parents were married in 1944. Even though Captain Marley provided financial support he rarely saw his son grow up in the rural part of St.

Ann due to the constant pressure from Captain Marleys' parents. Bob Marley was 10 years old when his father died in 1955, and because of the circumstances regarding the marriage of a poor black woman to a well off white man, he never got to know his father (Marley).

In 1957, his mother Cedella moved him to Trenchtown, a housing project in Kingston. Like many other people, Cedella moved from the quiet rural surroundings to the Jamaican capital in search of work and excitement. Trenchtown was a housing complex built after the 1951 hurricane that devastated the area's squatter camps. It was so named Trenchtown because this community was built over a ditch that drained Old Kingston. This project was considered desirable accommodation for the slum and shanty-town dwellers that lived there. The "government yards" were comprised of solidly built one and two story concrete units...