Best of Breed VS ERP Systems

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Assignment 1: Best of Breed and ERP Systems

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Introduction Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or Best of Breed system have been widely debated over a decade and still ongoing for which system can offer the most effective business processes and management capabilities.

ERP systems integrate all functions of every department across a company onto single infrastructure software to provide functionality tools to all different needs from every department. On the contrary, Best of Breed system provides focused and specialized capabilities and functionalities in specific area of a company.

When ERP systems are implemented correctly with the correct vendor, it can provide significant improvements and efficiencies in business processes across a company. Implementation will mostly likely to fail or

not as effective as it should be if basic requirements and preparations are not properly done. According to Billi (2010), the major issues of ERP implementation would be:

• No clear business objectives and lack of management support • Underestimate of implementation time taken

• Not ready for the changes of business processes with the integration of ERP system

• Existing application having issue with ERP integration.

Assignment 1: Best of Breed and ERP Systems

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• Difficulty in choosing right employee for the right training in new


Many challenges have been recognized during implementation of ERP systems in the organization. The same goes to Best of Breed system. Hence, one must realize the pros and cons of both systems could bring to organization before choosing the correct system. This paper will address the benefits of both systems and comparisons among them.

Assignment 1: Best of Breed and...