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Allegory Essay At some point, everyone will go through a colossal event that will change his or her life forever. Some people experience this event early in life, while others experience it later in life. No matter when this event is experienced, the person is changed. Knowledge is gained, visions become clear, and truth comes out. An excellent example of this kind of event is going from school to the real world. This journey shows how perceptions change, and not everything that you learn is the truth. This event changes a person's views forever.

One reason that people have illusions and expectations about certain things coming out of school is because they have never experienced many of the problems that are now beginning to face them. For example, a man who is a genius when it comes to math may be asked to write a newsletter for the company that hired him.

If this man focused on math all through school and did not pay much attention in English, he might have some problems writing a strong paper. He was ignorant throughout his English classes, because he did not think that he would be responsible for papers. He felt that there would be a distinct separation between mathematical and English fields. He was wrong. However, he will learn on the job. In this journey, he has gone from being ignorant to knowledgeable. No matter how much a teacher tells you that you need to know, he or she cannot know for sure. There is no way that teachers know what a boss will or will not make you do. Many teachers anticipate by helping a person prepare for what they might need to know, but not all of their teachings are needed. Every job is different. Light will shine on the topic when the time is right. Teachings will either be proved to be truth or illusion. In either case, a person's perception of the specific topic has changed forever.

Another way that people are changed from school to the real world is how they have been taught to do things. Just because someone was taught that 2 + 2 = 5, this does not mean that it is the truth. A person could have had a professor that taught him or her that sheep can speak English. This professor may have sworn by this fact, however, that does not mean that it is true. When you get into the real world, most of the knowledge that has been gained needs to be refined. Some of the things that have been learned may have been really close to the truth, while other things may be totally false. Once a person is able to refine this information, they will end up learning more about society as a whole. Once again knowledge has been gained, and truth has come out. Perceptions have changed.

Yet another reason that people are changed from school to the real world is because people start to get comfortable with their surroundings. For example, once a person has been in the real world for a while, they start to get used to what it is like. These people are no longer doing things blindly, but have gained a vision for what they need to do. With this vision comes a better understanding of everything, including, knowledge and truth. This journey has come full circle. In school, people are taught everything and take it for face value. These people do not try out what is taught to them until they get into the real world. This is when perceptions start to change. Once people see things for themselves, they can start to believe in what they see. Perceptions then change.

Everybody will experience a change in his or her life where his or her perspective will change. Many people experience this going from school to the real world. This is when knowledge is gained, visions become clear, and truth comes out. This transformation from "darkness" to "light" is a great example of an event that will change a person's view of life forever.