Best Day Ever

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Melissa Garcia

Melanie Russell

English 101

26 August 2014

The Best Day Ever

I woke up, and then my alarm went off. It was only 7am but I was ready for the day that waited ahead. All students who were taking college courses were eligible to be part of a weeklong trip to San Diego. So without hesitation a couple of friends and I signed up and received the opportunity to be a part of the trip. It was our last day in San Diego and we were given a free day. I mean, not that Sea World and The San Diego Zoo were a punishment, but we got the opportunity to explore the beach and it's many attractions. We stayed a block away from the beach, so everything was within walking distance.

My friend and I headed out that chilly morning. It was foggy but the sun peaked out of the clouds enough to keep us from shivering.

We walked across the dock and quickly inhaled the smell of the ocean and sand mixed together, as the wind softly blew. Many people ran past us, as others pedaled on their bikes. In that moment I felt as if no boundaries were holding me back. We asked around to find the "best breakfast spot" and everyone seemed to direct us to Kono's Surf Café, which is exactly where we ended up. The line was long but it moved quickly. As we approached the cashier my friend and I ended up ordering the same thing. As we ate we didn't speak, it was that delicious. We took one bite after another, until we were too full to continue. Next to the small restaurant, was a compact coffee shop, which gave off the ultimate California vibe. We grabbed some coffee and...