What best explains people's willingness to work hard?

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Obviously, the best explanation of people willing to work hard is that people was motivated by they satisfied with their individual needs such food, money and so on. It is widely believed that motivation theories and business success are inextricably linked when dealing with the management of workers. People's willingness to work hard is especially important in relation to motivation, which is clearly connected with leaders or managers, are supposed to do is to motivate people by a combination of rewards and threats - the carrot-and-stick approach. More recent thought and some research suggests that you and I motivate ourselves to large extent by responding to inner needs. As a leader you must understand these needs in individuals and how they operate, and as a manager you must understand different management styles will lead to different level of people hard working. Hence, you can work with the grain of human nature, and not against it.

In terms of psychology, motivation means the driving force behind all actions of human beings, animals, and lower organisms. Applied in the business, motivation is refer to the mainspring of behavior; it can explain the reasons for individuals choose to expend a degree of effort towards achieving specific goals or needs. Basically, people may motivate by satisfied their personal needs such as daily needs like food, clothes and so on. Not only the base needs in the life, also people may motivate by different management style in an organization. In my following essay, I will concern on the internal motivation and external motivation to the workers themselves.

First of all, people willing to work hard without financial reason, it's because they need money to buy food, clothes and house in order to achieve the first level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs - physiological needs. So...