The best ideas always from the passionate interests in commonplace things.

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In an era that a good idea can breed a millionaire in the IT industry or other business field, people nowadays are involving in the search for how to obtain the excellent idea. When thousands of books about "key to success" rush into our shelves, it seems that passionate interest in commonplace things, the real source of best ideas is out of people's sight.

Passionate interest is a crucial requirement for perfect ideas. As human beings, we know how enthusiastic we are if we're really possessed by the interesting thing. When concentrated or devoted, people are always easy to get the inspiration, occasionally, even reach the impossible. Numerous Nobel Prize winners attributed their success to the inner passion to pursue the truth. "It's like a child's curiosity to the rainbow. I can't help myself to know what's next in the tiny world." said James Watson, the famous biologist who discovered the double-helix structure of DNA.

Life is the most incredible cyclopedia in the world, in which we can find approximately all the scientific theories or business plans that can be defined as excellent ideas. Correspondingly, the commonplace thing which accounts for the major part of life is a source of ideas that as a matter of fact we can obtain from as long as we pay enough attention to. The widely-known story that Newton discovered the law of gravity by the inspiration from the fallen apple is a perfect example. Hundreds of years having passed, the same as him, scientists have invented plane, submarine and microscope from bird, whale and the eyes of animals.

Although common things are so easy to be ignored, it is significant to the generation of ideas. And People who neglect the common things sometimes miss the chance to succeed. Take the development of physics...