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Having to decide the top three prime ministers that have ever governed Canada could be hard, but not when the facts clearly state otherwise. From all twenty-three prime ministers, the ones to leave a long lasting impact on Canada would have had to be Robert Borden, Mackenzie King, and Lester B. Pearson for their accomplishments towards the making up of Canada's anatomy and contributions toward strengthen the nation. To begin, Prime Minister Borden did his part in the make up of Canada's anatomy, through his leadership during WWI; he gave women the right to vote, and the nationalization of the Canadian railway. Next, Mackenzie King did a lot during his twenty-one years in office as he created free trade with the United States, social programs like welfare and unemployment insurance, and lastly, he lead Canada through WWII while also facing a conscription crisis. Lastly, Lester B. Pearson contributed through bringing universal health care to all Canadians, brought the maple leaf to the Canadian flag, and lastly created a pension plan for the citizens.

To be one of the best prime ministers in Canadian history you would have had to make Canada a stronger nation and no doubt former Prime Ministers Robert Borden, Mackenzie king, and Lester B. Pearson have made the cut through their many accomplishments benefitting Canada and its citizens.

The leader of Canada went through one of the toughest times that could face a nation; during World War One Robert Borden took control of Canada and lead with power and strength. What made Borden such a phenomenal prime minister is the fact his leadership during World War One was remarkable, for he did a great deal of work to in order to make Canada a better nation. For example, Borden introduced the first measures of direct...