"The Best Revenge" by Stephen White book report, web of characters bringing about different perspectives to the reader.

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Have you ever heard a story from one person's perspective? The thoughts, opinions, details, and statements are all one sided and it leaves you wondering if what you heard is really the truth. Your own interpretation of the story comes solely from that one person. Stephen White creates a web of characters in the novel "The Best Revenge" that adds various levels of interpretation of the case, and an abundance of information that creates the details of the story. These details come through different characters' perspectives and experiences, which then enables the reader to interpret the story to his own understanding. Dr. Alan Gregory, Tom Clone and Kelda James are just three of the characters whose perspectives are viewed in this novel.

Dr. Alan Gregory, a local psychologist in Denver Colorado, is unknowingly pulled into solving a puzzle between two of his clients; FBI agent Kelda James and convicted murderer Tom Clone.

From his therapy sessions with his two clients, Dr. Gregory knows all about their hidden fears and the crime that brought the two together. His analysis on their secrets and fears bring in his own interpretation to the case and their lives.

After Dr. Gregory starts his therapy sessions with convicted murderer Tom Clone fresh out of prison, Dr. Gregory learns about Tom's past and makes conclusions to how

there is an extremely similar difference to the way his ex-girlfriend died and to the way his mother died when he was a young child. Dr. Gregory concludes that Tom's mother

suffered with a severe mood disorder and that Tom therefore was romantically interested in a woman with a serious mental illness. While the parallel of how Tom's ex girlfriend and

mother both died of slit throats seems to make Tom suspect #1, Dr. Gregory with his...