The Best Things in Life Are Free

Essay by dany5 June 2004

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All the best things in life are free. Our lord has given us sunlight for our plants to grow and night so we can sleep. Food and animals we survive on. Life itself is the best thing our lord has given to us. Conscious to choose from good and bad right and wrong. We are given air to breathe and this land to live on. He has given us these things to use in the right manner. All these things have been given to us for free and all we are asked to do is to become good people

The best thing in life that our lord has given us is life itself. If we didn't have life we would not be alive we would not have to worry. We were given life as a test to see if we were given all these things for free we would become good people and live in peace and harmony.

But we don't we take life for granted we think we have paid for life this is why no one ever stops and thinks am I doing the right thing

Our lord has given us a conscious to decide between wrong and right good and bad. This is the thing which animals don't have. We still do not respect this we still do things which are bad and we do them again and again we do not care or think about what we are doing. If our lord had given the animals a conscious I think and most people do that they would have used it better. None of the people 'look before they leap'. In other words they do not care if the are doing something wrong or write. The actually sometimes don't even know what they are doing.

The second...