Best Ways to Attract Opposite Sex

Essay by kanonefodder August 2009

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Hi fellow readers I’m here the love doctor at your service, ready to give you some pumping lesson of how to awaken your sleeping libido. Our topic for today’s article is how to attract the opposite sex. Generally in nowadays life many people were just desperate because of that they’re facing difficulties in finding their couples. So in result they blame on their physical beings of not being so charming enough to attract an opposite gender to their side. But actually those are definitely wrong perception and way of thinking. It’s not all about having proportional muscular body and fine-looking face to be attractive, but it’s more about how you play the trump card in order to attract them. Because based on my scientific knowledge of love, there are actually many ways to attract the opposite sex even though that you don’t have what it takes to be the most gorgeous or beautiful person.

So now you don’t have to be shame of or sad about being yourself, because now I will unravel the secrets and ways to be what it takes to be the center of attraction.

The first is about personality, you must develop a winning personality in order for you to attract the opposite sex. Base on the research that I have conduct, the science of love prove to be that women prefer men who can be independent and confident with his selves, especially a person who can carry on their selves. These characteristic is the key of building a strong, masculine, and charismatic personality within yours. As you know also that the formula of my science has proven that women love a strong man with strong appealing charismatic personality. A type of person who is not shame on his selves, show superiority every time anywhere and...