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Dear Vero,

In 7th grade we randomly started talking to each other in math tutorials. And look at us now we can't go a day without talking to each other! In 7th grade we only had one class together but we made the most out of it, even if it was math! 8th grade we had chamber orchestra together!! wasn't that year so much fun! We had so many crazy adventures together. Remember all those field trips and all the drama that went along with those trips. That was a year to remember for sure. We succeeded at transitioning from immature stupid crazy wild girls to mature stupid crazy wild teenage girls. yes vero we did it! we made it into high school! The first day of freshman year. A new school, new classes... the first question that popped into my mind when I entered the building was WHERE IS MY BEST FRIEND?! I only had you for 2 classes freshmman year but 2 classes was more than enough! Since we were officially high school girls we had to deal with high school drama but we were there for each other for alot of things.

We had many accomplishments during freshman year, you had your first tennis tournaments, even though i couldn't be at any of them I just knew my little sister would kick everyones butt with her awesome skills. We didn't have orchestra together but when it came to our concerts we set that stage on fire! In spanish class everyone was so jealous of our mad skills and our skills got us first place at competetion. Well freshman year was over, all those moments turned into memories. Summer we hung out alot! Remember your surprise birthday party? Gosh that was so stressful! All those lies I...