The Bet

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this story is about two men who make a bet over capital punishment. one said it was cruel, the other felt it fair. with the two in this dispute they set out to prove each other wrong.

the story starts out at an upper class party of lawyers, bankers, and other business men. they are all having a disscusion over capital punishment. half of the party agrees with the lawyer on that it is fair and ritcheous. but the other half agrees with the banker in it is cruel. so the banker makes a bet with the lawyer in that he could not be locked up for fifteen years. terms of the bet was that he could have any thing he wanted. instruments, wine, books, anything. but could have no visitors or contact with the ouside. the lawyer faithfully accepts. it was for two million dollars.

the first couple of years hespent his time getting drunk and just idiotic things to keep him ocupied.

the next years he taught himself how to play the violin, piano, and harp. after that he read every short story he could get his hands on. but after that he started to drive himself insane. he fell in and out deep depressions and was angry. but in the years to come he learned how to deal with it. he learned how to read and write three different languages. learn all he could about philosophy.

it was finally close to the time being up. but he didn't seem to care. the banker soon in these years lost his fortune and was worried he couldn't pay the man. then something amazing happens, on the last night to be there the lawyer right the banker a letter saying that he was right and that the...