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English 1A

22 June 2014


On a hot evening, in a dark room, Ernest Hemingway lies in the bed with pain. Hemingway heard familiar sounds at every night. The sound gave him comfort and ease to his pain. The sound of steps from heels clicking on the group as it approached closer to Hemingway. Hemingway opened his eyes. The streetlight from outside shine towards Agnes von Kurowsky's smiled. Kurowsky sat on Hemingway's bed, touched his forehead. Then Kurowsky slowly lay down on the bed. Hemingway reached her with his arm and hugged her. Ernest Hemingway ultimately took his own life because of Agnes von Kurowsky created a bonding with Hemingway over the course of his recovery, but Kurowsky broke his heart with another guy.

The successful recovery of Hemingway's injury due to the Great War was a part of help from Agnes von Kurowsky, where they build a bonding and became lovers.

Young men, like Ernest Hemingway, were lined up to enter the war. Hemingway was unable to serve in frontline due to his vision prevented him aim well with the rifle. Thus the only way Hemingway was able serve the war was to serve the Red Cross and became an ambulance driver. Not too soon after Hemingway's service, he was wounded on the battlefield (Seiden 92). Once upon arrival at the hospital, young Hemingway met an older nurse, Agnes von Kurowsky, who he fell in love with as she helped him recovered from the injury.

Ernest Hemingway quickly fell in love with the nurse, Agnes von Kurowsky, who tendered him with care during his recovery. In Our Time, by Ernest Hemingway, it has many short stories about his life. In one of the stories, "A Very Short Story," Hemingway relive...