Betrayal to Jesus

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Today is the day. The day of pain, hate, and betrayal. I did something that I shouldn’t have done. I believed in someone that I cared for but I let him down. I caused him a lot of pain and suffering. My heart can not take it no longer. I feel so much hate in my body it feels like poison. Words can not describe what I have done. I will go down in history as the biggest sinner that walked the Earth. My Name is Judas and I have betrayed Jesus “The Messiah”.

I was a greedy man. I always put money first all the time. I loved money so much that I forgot about Jesus’ love and care. I thought turning in Jesus for thirty pieces of sliver was a great idea. I would get my money and the chief priests would get Jesus I had nothing to worry about.

I was wrong I never thought they would hurt him. I felt so ashamed. A few days ago we had an important supper. He broke the beard and said that was his body and he took the wine and said that was his blood. I thought that was so wonderful but I was so scared that he was going to find out that I turned him in for money. He also told us he was going to die soon. I gave him a kiss of sympathy and he knew of what I have done wrong. I could see it in his eyes. My heart was racing high. He told the rest of the dispels that someone has betrayed him. I didn’t want finger to point at me so I ran out.

I saw Jesus get beaten later on. I couldn’t bear to see the pain that...