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I. Betsey Johnson Brand ReviewBetsey Johnson a.k.a "The Queen of Funk," is one of the few designers today who has avoided the trend toward consolidation, and owns the majority of her business. Betsey Johnson's versatility and her undeniable ability to change with the times, while still being true to her vision, may be her greatest talent.

A. Product DescriptionWith over 45 stores worldwide, Betsey Johnson's designs have a global reach. She has continued expanding her clothing line and is recognized for her versatility, while still being true to her vison.

B. Logo, Tagline, & PresentationBetsey Johnson as two brand names, Betsey Johnson and Betseyville. The original brand logo is the classic righting of her name in a dramatic wild font and usually a hot pink color. The second logo, BetseyVille by Betsey Johnson, has a more feminine flow with it's cursive font, in either black or hot pink coloring.

AShe often will use a picture of red lips puckered up and ready to kiss, along with her design of hot pink, cartoon like, roses. As for her personal tagline, it is " The Queen of Funk.", but for the brand the is no direct tagline used, but a visual message is sent through her unique style and artistic detail. When some one is wearing a Betsey Johnson, it's not hard to tell and the wearer carries a certain confident persona in her strut.

The visual presentation of the brand is dramatic and bright. It has steered away from the usual conformities of fashion and turns it's customers into life-size dolls. In store the brand is eclectic, but organized. Colorful and capricious, a celebration of exuberance. Froth, embellishment, detail and sexiness describe the clothes, which can range from pink tulle ballerina skirts to silver micro-minis,