What is better to have to offer a friend....honesty or loyalty? which do you prefer or believe is the best?

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When in conflict, do you value more, honesty or loyalty?

Over the years, the action of lying to one has determined one's character. One can be honest to everyone and be a loyal friend. Since then, there had been a time in everyone's life where this conflict comes to play. So, which one should one value more? Loyalty is like giving your car a car wash at home and giving it a good buff, but isn't it easier for one just to go to the car wash and slip the dude a five-dollar bill. Say the car was a real person, it would want one to be loyal and wash it by them self, or should one lie and give that guy the cash?

If one was in a situation to be loyal to a friend, or lie for him so one doesn't look bad, would one choose to help a friend or be on their side even if one's friend looked bad? If one choose just to be loyal and on their side, but have their friend end up looking bad.

If one did that their friend would be mad. One went to a friend for advice about a girl, and he told one not to go out with her. Should one be loyal to a friend and listen, or be honest to him and say one is going to go out with her. The next day in school the girl goes up to one and asks you out. Should one be loyal to a friend and not go out with her for the sake of not losing that friend over his advice he gave him and be honest and use it? One should think what is more important to themself. To have a friend that is loyal...