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Being a man, being successful in your life

There are two genders in the world, they are males and females. Just like a coin has two sides. Both males and females have advantages and disadvantages. Some males want to be females because they believe that ladies is always first. This is really convenient. Some females want to be males because they think males are more direct and get higher paid after graduate. However, being a male means you will have a lot of pressure in both life and work. Such as man play the role to support families and men usually need to work harder in their job. Although man have more pressure and more health problems than women, it is still easier to be a man because men have more advantages in school than women and even they are more likely to succeed in their career.

First of all, men have more advantages in school than woman, especially in academic achievements. Because of the different way of thinking between man and woman, they perform totally different in the school. It is relative with how they are socialized when they were young. In their childhood woman are encouraged to express their emotions freely, they like to play in a small groups which they share secrets and emotions together. That means girls usually think more carefully than man and they are good at communication. Furthermore teachers and parents do not have a higher expectation in girls. Begin with 1970s girls were not encouraged to have higher level of education. People usually thinks that girls should raise children and do housework at home, instead of go to work. Few years later, even girls could go to the collage, they were encouraged to focus on specific courses...