A Better Man for America

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Lo Queenie Kwan Yee


Professor Perlmutter

6th October 2012

A Better Man for America

6th November 2012 will be a big day for all Americans. On that day, they will vote and choose a man that they trust; they believe that he will have an ability to lead them and the United States to a bright future. Their votes will be the key to America's future. Will America become more powerful and improved in the next four years? Or will this country just do less well than before? Of course no one would like to take risks on an unsuitable man to lead this country. So who is a better man for the United States? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? The fact is, Mr. Obama should continue as President and serve all Americans in the coming four years.

Let us see both of their political programs.

There is a significant topic, which Mr. Obama is concerned a lot but Mr. Romney neglects: energy plan. According to Mr. Obama's speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention (DNC), he mentioned that, "keep investing in wind and solar and clean coal; where farmers and scientists harness new biofuels to power our cars and trucks…cut our oil imports in half by 2020…reduce the carbon pollution." Renewable energy source is the only way to solve the problem of the exhaustion of nonrenewable energy like coal and oil. Besides that, to keep burning the coal will just make the pollution more and more serious. If we keep harming the environment and just thinking about the economic benefits, then one day we may find that it's too late to do something to save the earth and us, the arrogant and conceited human beings. What Mr. Obama plans to do is to prepare for...