For Better or Worse

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My school major has always been the main topic of discussion when introduced to new people. Although Politics is believed a sticky situation to be involved in, I have always spoken my mind. Passion is what drives me to become involved in my local area, learn more about our country and also to speak the truth when people ask questions. It is my belief that our nation is getting worse and not better.

My father was the first person to influence me. We began talking about the economy's issues, our nation's president, crime, and other major topics when I was a teen. Our vastly spread discussions have lead to a wide knowledge and education in the political circle. The one topic that has always caught my interest is our civil rights and freedom. My belief is that our government is softly revoking our rights.

Our government has created a decline within our society when they started taking away our civil rights.

Without our civil rights, our nation will fall. "The United States Constitution recognizes different civil rights than do most other national constitutions. Two examples of civil rights found in the US but rarely (if ever) elsewhere are the right to bear arms ( Second Amendment to the United States Constitution) and the right to a jury trial (Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution)", found at Even today the united states are trying to revoke our rights to bear arms. If this is accepted and passed then we will no longer have the ability to protect ourselves and our families. Freedom of religion is one that is slowly being taken away. One that stands out is California's omission of "God" in the pledge of allegiance.

The United States is allowing us to accept our loss of...