For Better, For Worse/short story

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For the one you chose and loved you would wait for a lifetime just to have him again. Sleeplessly and tiredly Faith was waiting for that cold phone call, a call from Pitt, a call to tell her that he's fine and he'll soon be back for good. Thinking of him with a total absent mind, asking many questions why? What made him leave? Made her remember the whole events.

She didn't sleep more than an hour since his flight took off two weeks ago. Waking up every now and then to check up her answer machine 'cause he might leave a massage or something. It was a stun, a shock for her genuine heart. How could Pitt do all this to her? How could he choose to leave in the middle of their successful marriage? Faith was 21st when she first met him, a pretty very intelligent young lady with all the qualities that any man dream of.

Pitt a brilliant last twenty aged with a great ambitious mind. Life brought them suddenly together; they get married and lived a normal quite safe life with each other.

He promised her that he'll always stick by her side in each moment of their lives and went away; with no reason at all, leaving her with their only child Peter and the girl coming in November. She tried to reach him by he sending him as much e-mails as possible, she called his family and his closest friends but no one know where did he go? And why? Why he chose to leave this mysterious way….

As she was swimming in all of this the phone rang, she picked up with a shaky hand to receive the cruelest phone call ever. It was him; finally, he called. With a senseless voice...