Betting the Lottery

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The best way to bet the lottery is by not too.

If you do, and if you keep track, you will eventually become convinced that you shouldn't bet the lottery for real at all.

Why? Because you simply cannot guess the winning numbers often enough.

Sound familiar?

* "If I do win, the payoff will be a lot more than what I've spent."

* "Someone has to win."

If you use these rationales or any others to explain to yourself why you spend time and money buying lottery tickets, you need to keep reading.

Sound familiar?

* "I've been playing the same combination for six years now. It's bound to hit soon."

* "I always play the numbers my horoscope says to."

* Or how about even this: "The combination 1-2-3-4-5 has hit six times out of the last six, so I'm going to bet that combination this time."

If you use these rationales or any others to help you decide which combination of numbers to choose, you need to keep reading.

Let's discuss first the time you spend choosing which numbers to play.

Those little numbered balls don't know anything and they can't remember anything. They're styrofoam (Styrofoam®, actually), and styrofoam has been scientifically proven to be completely non-viable and otherwise utterly incapable of memorizing anything and then recalling it. Those little balls don't know which numbers came up last time or the time before that or any other time, and even if they did they still can't somehow force themselves into certain locations inside that whirlwind inside that drum. It's completely random, and completely unpredictable, every single time.

You're not going to believe this, but the winning numbers for the last six days were the same! Every single drawing for the last six days was the...