Between happiness and longer lives

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Are you happy and what is the happiness of human-beings?Two years ago, I lost my grandfather because of terminal cancer in a hospital. In his last 6 months, Cancer had spread to his brain so that he was not being able to walk even a step. The tube had been connected with his mouth. Our families hope him to live longer but ironically he hoped opposite because he thought it is not happy to live connecting with tube. He was 80 years old, had been lived so long. But I wondered if he could really live happily at the end of his death with tube. In this essay I’d like to take your time to think about the relationship between living longer and happiness.

With the constant developing of medicine, humans are being able to live longer. According to the Hokkaido news paper, in 2006, now, the average life expectancy is over 80 years old and one out of five Japanese are old men.

This can be said wonderful things because we are inclined not to lose our important friends. But on the other hands, the aging people do not always feel happiness because the environment for the aging is not comfortable. They are suffering from kinds of anxiety. Some are cheated out of their money by evil company. Some are abused in nursing home. And others are connected with tube in the hospital like my grandfather. Toward the trend, what could we do??In my opinion, I think we should increase the place which the aging people flourish. Last spring, in my living city, I participated in the flower projects which volunteer students and the aging plant the seeds of lavender together. We put the seeds into the soil one by one carefully. The objective of this project is...