Between A Rock And A Hard Case

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"Between a Rock and a Hard Case" Lt. Dan Meyer had a tough decision to face and would have to answer about his loyalty, and that response could result in severe consequences. What he knew about the conditions of his gun, turret one, and the similar conditions in turrets two and three illustrates that the explosion, a tragedy that could have been avoided, was an accident. His choice in telling the truth and proving that it was an incident would only lead to the disloyalty of his captain, the disgrace of the U.S. Navy, and the disbandment of their battleships.

On the other hand, lying and remaining "loyal" to his captain and agreeing with the ideals of the Navy, would conclude the even as a domestic terrorist act of a murder suicide and charge a dead sailor with dishonorable accusations.

If I were Lt. Dan Meyer, I would choose to speak the truth no matter what the penalty.

Those forty-seven brave seamen of the U.S.S. Iowa in turret two all died from the neglect of properly maintained and the lack of updated equipment, untrained men, the test firing experiments that were dangerous in the first place, and improperly handled, along with stored powder. To blame this as a murder suicide act of revenge on a sailor who was alleged after his death to have been gay to make the Navy look innocent, is dishonor and disloyal to the United States of America and the people who risk their lives to protect the nation.

By standing up for what you believe in and by doing what is right and true, even if it means horrible consequences, is by far a more loyal act than shame the life of a courageous seaman as a scapegoat, to save the careers of those in the Navy.