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On a hot summer, several years ago, I went on vacation to a beautiful place. There I was able to see the must impressive experience of my live. Driving through a narrow curvy road decorated by weeds and colorful wild flowers, I felt as if I was in paradise. On one side a mountain with green and dense tall virgin vegetation, that looked as if they were growing into the clouds. Contrasted by the other side of the road with a steep rocky cliff leading to the deep blue sea crashing on to the rocks foaming and splashing. As I continued driving around this mountain, at the bottom I arrived at the most beautiful scenery one could even imagine. I found the must primitive place. A place you only see in movies. A place that I didn't think could even exist.

"Barahona is a region dominated by a rural and mountainous landscape.

The presence of the Bahoruco Mountains (high protected place in the local indigenous language) and the extraordinary Enriquillo Lake (named in honor of the man who carried out the first indigenous, American uprising) endows the area with an historical and geographic appeal that is just beginning to be recognized by the public and private sectors. In addition, the

lovely Caribbean coastline on which lie towns such as Los Patos (The Ducks), Paraiso (Paradise), Enriquillo, and Oviedo, as well as the Jaragua Natural Reserve (named after another of the main indigenous leaders) at the southern tip of the island act as a backdrop to this pretty town".

At first, I could not capture in the natural beauty of all that was surrounding me. I could see the water filtering through the rocks in the skirt of the mountain forming the most beautiful small lake about forty-eight inches deep of...