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Beyond BordersThe movie "Beyond Borders," directed by Martin Campbell, teaches it audiences about life itself. It tells us a story of finding love in a place where many believe lies only sorrow, disease and hopelessness. It introduces and encourages us to enter a world upon which we selfishly fear. But more importantly its greatest lesson is that so showing us the existing needs of many people and how even though they are infected with diseases of which they will die, for the vaccines are inaccessible to them, they still remain hopeful and are grateful that the few who are there to help, are there and trying to make a difference.

Although it contains a Hollywood love story spin, the messages within the script fills our hearts with a desire to make the world a better place and allows for us to realize not only the desperate needs of others so much less fortunate that we but the insufficient amount of effort we have put into changing and helping these places all around the world.

In a special feature of the DVD, Angelina Jolie as a UNHCR goodwill ambassador, says that if we all knew of the statistics and saw or realize the situation of the people caught in them we would not hesitate to help improve it. The question now about our society is whether ot nor we are conscious of these problems. If we are then why haven't we done more to help? Movies like "Beyond Borders" set out to inform us, like teachers, of these poverties caused by the after effects of war and persecution, yet now its is time to act as students and help these people's needs.

Human beings are a unique race, in the sense that depending on their surroundings, circumstances and the people...