Beyond Knowing (History 50: Rizal's Life, Works, and Writings; Position Paper)

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The movie "Bayaning Third World" got my attentive spirit even before it started. The title was a controversy for me and lead me to continually try to connect it with the story of the film itself. It was not like the usual Filipino film that I had watched. It was a third cinema film, the first film in the Philippine cinema to be taken in as such. A cinema of decolonization, which expresses the will to national liberation, anti-mythic, anti-racist, anti-bourgeois, and popular (credited to Teshome Gabriel).

"Bayaning Third World", taken in as third cinema film, logically interprets the reality during Rizal's time and the issues concerning Rizal. The style used in the film is meaningful in relating relevant issues. One of the issues, which are highly controversial, is Rizal's retraction. Did Rizal retract? It was the conflict in the story. Although it may seem that the issue was not resolved until the end of the movie.

I personally contradict so. What was great about the film comparing it to other films is that it was investigative. It didn't only present us the effect/s, but more so the cause/s.

There were two main characters in the movie, which unfortunately, did not give there names. The two film makers were asking the same question we do: did Rizal retract? According to the Friars in the story, Rizal did retract. But of course it was doubtful since the friars during that time were the leaders and Rizal was some sort of a rebel for them. To protect there interest, it was best that they declare that Rizal did retract and did what was good and right. But it was opposed by Rizal's family. They know Rizal much better, from the day he was born. Although it was quite...