Beyond The Reef

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This is a story about a boy named Chris. He and his family move down to Key West from where they lived in Flintville. They move there so his father can search for the sunken Spanish galleon that was believed to carry gold and silver. When they move there Chris's parents' marriage begins to fall apart, because Chris's mother can't find a job that she likes and they are running low on money everyday. Chris's father does not want to give up searching for the ship, so they end up by separating and Chris's mother going back to Flintville to find a better job. Chris's father and Chris, himself, keep searching for the ship not to long after they decide to go to Spain to look up more on the Spanish galleon called the Sevilla. They soon found gold when they return. They also found other stuff. The family ended up by getting back together.

They owned to houses, one in Key West and one in Flintville. Chris left for collage and that was the end of the book.

The author of the book was Todd Strasser. I think he wrote this book to keep us interested in it at all times. It was probably written to show the readers what does really happen in life, because this story might really have happen but not to those people, or if it didn't it could some day.