Biblically-Defined Counseling

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Running Head: Biblically-Defined Counseling

Biblically-Defined Counseling

COUN 501-D08

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August 09, 2008



Many have come to use the word "counseling" in a number of ways. Defining "counseling" in biblical terms helps to clarify the expectations and responsibilities of Christian counseling while distinguishing the spiritual professional practices from those of the secular sector. Researching the Bible and the spiritual approaches to counseling prepare the Christian counseling degree-seeker for a promising, future vocation.


Biblically-Defined Counseling

Defining the word "counseling" is not an easy task because there are so many meanings for this one word. Uses for the term vary depending on a number of different contexts and in even more ways. In the book, Counseling: A Comprehensive Profession, Samuel T. Gladding writes, "There have always been "counselors" - people who listen to others and help them resolve difficulties - but the word counselor has been misused over the years" (4).

Besides misuse of the word, "counselor" describes inhuman objects as well. Even within a Biblical context, the word "counselor" can describe either an individual or an entity, like the Holy Spirit, which functioned as a comforter to the disciples.

As the basic reference book for Christian counselors, understanding the Bible's definition or job description for this position is critical to those looking to enter the Christian counseling field. To fully grasp the idea and for a clear understanding of the expectations for this role, researching the origin of the word "counseling" and other synonymously used terms is most helpful. Once completed, a comparison of the Biblical approach to counseling to the secular approach presents one with an overview of the counseling field as a whole. Establishing one's personal view and determining one's stance, allows one to settle on a plan of action...