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Mustafa is three years old. He is my nephew. He has just started going to school and is in Kg1. He goes to the international school of Choueifat.At first he did not like to going to school and would cry. However he has not understood the idea of going to school and rather enjoys it. He has made a lot of new friends .He is a lovely child. He loves to talk and socialize. He is sporty and loves cricket and tennis. He can read, write, spell dictate and colour. Mustafa is intelligent and picks up lyrics to poetry fast. He quickly grasps things and he is responsive. He loves cars and can't wait to drive. Mustafa loves watching television. He loves watching teletubies; bob the builder, and many other popular cartoons.

Mustafa is not a fussy eater and eats everything whether it is prepared at home or from outside.

He never ate the commercially prepared baby food and simply rejected it. Mustafa loves the colour white.

He loves to dress up and spends time doing his hair. He gels his hair before leaving the house. Thus he is very conscious of the way he looks.

Mustafa is very close to his grandparents (maternal). He stays over with them during the weekends.

Mustafa loves traveling and enjoys visiting new places and discovering and exploring. Mustafa can at times become very demanding for attention. Mustafa is playful but placid.

Thus Mustafa is a playful, jolly and a sweet child.

I enjoyed spending time with Mustafa and observing his behavior.