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Stephen Vincent Benet grew up a gifted individual who published his first novel at the age of only 17 and went on to produce many great pieces of work (Hale 14). Benet worked very hard on providing people with very good books (Stephen 76). Benets novel "Beyond the Babylon" was able to predict the outcome of World War two in the year 1932 (Wellm 1).

Born on July 22, 1898 he grew up in a small town in P.A. (Stephen 545). Benet was born to Frances Neill Benet and James Walker Benet (Stephen 545).

According to (Bahr) in Benets childhood he had novels read to him every night by his father. His siblings had the same privilege given to them (50). Stephen did not live in one place to long because his father had been inclined to do his duty as an army officer (Stephen 99). These influences can be seen in his writing styles (Bahr 50).

(Bahr) says Benet had been very intelligent as a child. He attended Yale University for his college education (50). After a slight interruption in his education by the war, he returned there for his graduate study (Wellm 1). They awarded him a Masters of Arts Degree (Bahr 50).

Stephen liked to write about historical events (Stephen 99). (Stephen) recalled the most of his historical novels took a couple of weeks to get all the information for the book. Some took longer than that to get enough information. Then came the writing and rewriting for the right format. This became very long and strenuous work (99). Benet was a very talented at writing novels and poetry (Benet 46). He is so talented he published his first book at the age of 17 (Benet 46). This novel consists of many dramatic monologue (Benet 46).

Benet wrote many books but only some got the attention they deserved (Stephen 120). According to (Bahr) Five Men and Pompeii was his first novel, it's written while he had been a under graduate at Yale University. The novel The Beginning of Wisdom first saw sales in the year on 1915. John Brown's Body his most famous novel and released in 1928. The novel The Devil and Daniel Webster became available to the public in 1936. His final masterpiece Western Star was put on shelves in 1943 (50).

According to (Zimmerman) John Brown's Body became his most read book. Benet recalls actual events about John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry. Stephen tells of a man who's main goal was to free the African American slaves in Virginia. The man arrives at Harpers Ferry pretending to be a mining prospector. One day he received two huge boxes. He tells the towns people that they are mining machinery. In all actuality he has 200 new rifles, 200 revolvers and a thousand spear heads and tomahawks (1-7). (John) says that the night of October 17,1858 John Brown's party seized the small town. They barracated themselves inside with the towns leaders and their slaves. The next day around 11:00 a.m. R.E. Lee's Baltimore marines arrive. Lee tries to reason with Brown, but Brown wouldn't listen. That night around midnight the marines took back the armory. 3 days later Brown went to court and found guilty. On December 19 Brown had been publicly executed. This book spurred the northern states to raise questions about the right to own a slave (3-5).

Benet wrote a couple of books that deserved awards (Stephen 545). (Stephen) recalls that Benet received 2 Pulitzer Prizes in his career. One in 1929 and in 1944. He got awarded on for John Browns Body and for Western Star. Stephen split the Poetry Prize with Carl Sandburg for The Devil and Daniel Webster. These awards show how creative Stephen Vincent Benet thought (545).

Stephen stuck to writing most of his life (Bahr 50). Although he did have a short job for the government (Bahr 50). When world World War I broke out Benet left writing and served in the State Department (Bahr 50). This job only lasted a couple of years (Bahr 50).

(Stephen) said that Benet had a couple of significant events in his life. His most significant event occurred when he married Rosemary Carr on November 26, 1921 at the age of 23. Since she and Benet lived for writing, so they became writing partners. He also had the enjoyment of winning 2 Pulitzer Prizes and dividing the Poetry Prize (545).

(Stephen) says out of all the books Benet wrote he most enjoyed writing with historical themes. Oddly these turned out to be the most recognized. He also enjoyed doing cooperative work with his wife. There cooperative work didn't receive much attention (545).

Benet died while doing a skit for a radio station (Stephen 545). He passed away in his sleep on March13, 1943 (Stephen 545). He died in New York City (Stephen 545).

The whole time he was alive he inspired people, excited people, and thrilled us with his great pieces of work. In my opinion Stephen Vincent Benet was one of the greatest authors ever.