Big Brother(australia- 2002)

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Jenna: In Land of Big Brother

Big Brother has been a truly momentous production and has changed the lives of the housemates, the production staff and views.

Over a period of 85 days the Big Brother house has been home to a total of 14 housemates one of them Jemma, 12 chickens, 2 dogs, one real and the other electronic, 25 cameras and 23 microphones capturing every move.

Jemma herself is of course very excited about it, saying she has had to be quiet about it for a while, but now it is all confirmed. "I'm really excited. It is what I wear anyway. I wore their stuff in bed in the house, " she told BB Online.

The deal is a six month contract and involves Jemma doing photo shoots, in-store appearances and even judging a competition to find a new lingerie design which will actually get launched. "I'm helping the creative youth of Australia achieve their goals," she laughs.

That is not all. Jemma has many more surprises in the pipeline, as she takes to celebrity like a duck to water. "Mercedes have been in touch and I think they want to give me a car to drive around in - I'm not complaining!" In addition, there are even rumours of setting up her own line of lip-gloss. It seems the world is her oyster now.

Jemma has been having a whale of a time since Big Brother, despite having had hardly any time to herself. "I have had only one free day since leaving the house," she croaks, as she has nearly lost her voice from talking so much. She says wherever she goes she stops to talk to people: "Even popping to the local shop takes half an hour."

The former hair and make-up artist has...