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Essay by lucyduttonJunior High, 9th grade June 2004

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Easily the most successful channel 4 television programme earning countless millions for the channel, company Endemol, and contestants. Big Brother was a success from series 1 with 4.5 million viewers, but does popularity prove that Big Brother is good television? In a survey, 20% of the people I asked said they watched the show but didn't think that it was a good programme.

Nearly every child goes into school talking about 'last nights BB' and discussing the issues of sex between the contestants, 'who fancies who' and what's going to happen. Should children be watching television with these issues? Bad language and drinking are also shown on the programme. Is Big Brother teaching them about adult life or simply a bad influence on issues that they don't need to know about yet? Children and teens are learning swear words and thinking, or not caring about saying them because they are always said on telly.

Contestants who go on Big Brother have seen the newspaper articles about previous contestants so should really know what they are letting themselves in for but they don't go in thinking that they will be nasty to everyone so cant expect it to be all over the news. The thought of Jade being a pig is probably something which has never been said to her before, she doesn't deserve this and yet it was in nearly every paper. For the winner is £70,000 enough to make up for the hassle and aggravation from the press?

Big Brother interests viewers in the way that the people on the television could well be them, it is addictive to watch as the behaviour s real, the people are not told what to do or say as in a soap or a film. What you see is what you get.