Big Data on Farms

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Big Data On The Farm

Big Data on the Farm

Karina Munoz

MIS 302

Cal State San Marcos


This paper explores two published articles that report the many effects the new big data technology brings to farmers. The recent article, Big Data Comes to the Farm, Sowing Mistrust by Jacob Bunge, identifies Monsanto Co., racing to roll out "perspective planting" technology to farmers across the US. Many of these farmers worry their data might be sold to commodities traders, wind up in the hands of rivals or give more leverage to giant companies. On the other hand farmer today rely heavily on the processes to automate their planting. This paper will focus on the outstanding benefits of having this new technology but also why many farmers may skeptical in trusting these companies with their data. In another article by Charleen Finck, Monsanto vows not to misuse the information in order to settle down these concerns.

This paper will continue to discuss what led Monsanto to this decision and what it is doing to implement these new regulations.

Big Data On The Farm

Cloud-based software, for a while now, has represented an inexpensive way for small businesses to access sophisticated information technology. Recently American farmers have begun to discover the many ways big data can benefit their crops. An example of this is the new "perspective planting" technology developed by companies such as Monsanto Co., DuPont Co., and Deere & Co.. As Bunge writes in his article Big Data Comes to the Farm, this new technology is ultimately supposed to help farmers get more out of their land by taking into account the amount of sunlight and shade, the variations of nitrogen and phosphorous content carefully (Bunge, 2014). Companies like Monsanto, for a fee, then proceed to analyze the...