The Big Date

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It was a Saturday afternoon around four O' clock, and Chantell was getting ready for her big date with her boyfriend Rodrick. She was very excited and cheerful about seeing her baby. She was singing and prancing around the house as she got ready. Though this was a happy occasion Chantell felt like something just wasn't the same. She felt kind of odd. She had a queasy feeling in her stomach, and her heart was pounding like she had just run a marathon. She kept getting ready for her date not thinking of the way she was feeling, but thinking of her man and how much fun they would have when he got there.

It was about 5:30, and Rodrick would be there at any time now. Chantell was all ready and set to go except she still was feeling weird. As a matter of fact she was feeling very weird.

She knew it wasn't from being nervous about Rodrick they had been dating for a year now. They were in love, so what could it be? Her thoughts were disturbed by the doorbell. She walked quickly to the door to open it for her sweetheart, but as she approached it she noticed that she was just a couple of inches taller than the doorknob. "Oh my God," Chantell said, "What has happened to me?" She had shrunk drastically, and there was no explanation for the change. She could hear Rodrick outside the door telling her to let him in, but what would he think? What would he say? She was so embarrassed she didn't know what to do. She tried to think very hard, but her thoughts were going in circles.

Rodrick was getting very impatient so she had to act fast. She decided that there was nothing she could do he would have to just accept the horrendous change. So she said to her self, "here goes nothing," and opened the door. To her surprise Rodrick was standing just a couple of inches taller than her. As the both of them were struck with amazement, they quickly hugged and kissed each other. Neither of them thought to mention what had happened. Still not knowing what had caused this drastic change they went on about their business realizing that nothing could keep them apart, not even something so ridiculously hysterical.