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Personality. Everybody has one. It has own uniqueness, relatively stable and predictable. In facts, personality is one of our important assets that already shaped our experiences. In a study of personalities and character (Schultz, 2009) personality can be define as the unique, relatively enduring internal and external aspects of person's character that influence behavior in different situations. According to (Papalia, Olds, Feldman, 2011) the relatively consistent blend of emotions, temperament, thought and behavior that makes person unique. Such characteristics way of feeling, thinking, and acting which reflect both inborn and environment influences affect the way we adapt to the world. The number of personality has been vary between theories. These theories will help answered the question of human nature and pattern behavior. For instance, what is influence by personality as the time goes by whether traits can change from childhood until the end of our life.

Moreover, the purpose of the test that has been asking to done is to know what type of the personality not only me but people around me.

Though, it can help recognize better who am I really are. In addition, I do understand people with whom am I interact, the advantage is for the future to get to know my partner, children personality. Furthermore, personality are aspects that other people can see and somewhat impression we make on others.


After done taking the test " McCrae and Costa's The Big Five Personality" five major dimensions of human personality referred as OCEAN model of personality which is Openness to experience/Intellect, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism, the result show that there are differences in percentile of the five elements in the test.

Openness to experience/Intellect 24 percentile

Conscientiousness 17 percentile

Extraversion 70 percentile

Agreeableness 74 percentile

Neuroticism 32 percentile

Based on the percentile showed...