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High school sucks

Jeff Thompson was scared. This threat was real, very real, but this wasn't the first time he'd been in danger. A proclaimed "nerd" all his life, he lived the nerd lifestyle and was treated like it; isolated, teased and bullied.

Moberly Lake was a small town northwest of Chetwynd. Peace and quiet were the only attractions to the town and most turned their heads when it came to anything thrilling happened; everyone including the kids at school.

George, the big fat aggressive thug, the school bully, preyed on weaker students, abusing his strength with aggression, building his ego on the shattered remains of his victims. For months Jeff had seen George and his cronies pick on younger boys, separating them from their friends and beating them up. The whole school knew what George was doing but they were left to do what they wanted, unchallenged. The school children were all equally guilty - guilty as George and his fellow perpetrators.

They should have stood up to them together, nipped their aggression in the bud, put them in their place. The longer they stood back and accepted Georges' behavior and the longer they were able to rage throughout the school, the stronger they became.

The five brutes came for Jeff one winter's morning. He'd been smoking a cigarette in the middle of the school oval behind a masking curtain of fog that hid all but the alternating red glow of nearby smokers. Big George and his four cronies loomed out of the fog, staggering, and apparently drunk, as they formed a crescent around Jeff.

"Hey Shithead," the bully said. "It's your turn."

Such simple words, so much unsaid. He didn't need any further explanations; He'd seen others after they'd had their 'turn'. It hadn't been a pretty sight.