The Big "What If" that Stalks us all.................

Essay by Pacojaleb October 2005

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Next person.

Why can't I extract what the next person gets from life?

The next person gets to be loved, deservedly so

The next person's problems are solved in flow

The next person can see what is right and wrong

Consequently making the right decisions

Does that make me the last person?

Because I can't keep a realistic grip on love

My problems take over my life, swallowing me whole

I can't begin to understand the complexities of decisions once made

God only knows how to repair the damaged I have yet to cause

The next person gets to see before they do

The next person hears the hidden truth

The next person feels the boundaries not to be trod

The next person is confident in their layer

This means I am the last person!

I know not of seeing before doing

I never get to not do what I shouldn't

It's done before I can stop and too late to alter

I long to be confident, go about my chores with a notch of knowing

Dreaming, even glowing to be without worry and have without sorrow

I seem to pay for everything in advance

What I want I pay for 10 fold

What I dream I couldn't possibly afford

It would be more unique to feel sure

To be with out need of a cure

To run with my shadow following instead of tripping me through fear

Things happen for a reason, just never the right one for me

To be the next person oh what a break

To get away from my tired war; life

To be at ease, and feel safe

To be loved and let it be, yes it's true, he loves me!

To have and to hold, no fear of loosing

To be Getting and...