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Expository Writing

A Jail Incident

On a cold night in N.Y. my four friends and I were sitting on my friend's porch at about 11:00p.m. listening to the radio and along comes a cop and arrests us all. My

friend's mother tried to tell the cop that we were there all night but he didn't care and arrested us anyway. The cop would not tell us why we were being arrested; he just read us our rights while waiting for the paddy wagon to arrive. We kept asking him what we did and why we were being arrested but he wouldn't tell us. He said, "You know why I am arresting you!" but we had no idea. After they took us down to be processed; they separated us all then took us all into a small office individually and asked which one of us was the one who shot the two gang members a few blocks over from my friends house.

The two gangs in our area were the Nomads and Elderodoes. After he talked to all of us they put us into a cell together. There had to be twenty five guys that were their that were arrested for the same reason, which told me they had no idea who did the shooting so they just arrested everyone that was in the area.

In the little room they told us all at different times that we were identified by a witness down the block and that if we told the truth they would let us go. We didn't know that cops could lie to you, but we kept insisting anyway the truth, which was we had nothing to do with it. This lasted for hours past my curfew and I knew my parents were going to be pissed, at...