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I perceive the main character in Richard Wright's story, Bigger Thomas as someone who does not represent what I believe to be what a true hero is. I feel this way because of the way bigger dealt with the people around him. for example we never see bigger act in any way that would make us believe he actually cares about someone other then himself. To me he appears to be selfish, self-centered, violent and irrational person.

He places blame for his behavior on his circumstances and his environment. He never stops and thinks that maybe he should make the best of a bad situation. To me a hero is someone that when confronted with a difficult situation and terrible condition but through dedicated effort overcomes it. Bigger just makes situations worse. For example, after being responsible for the accidental death of Mary burns the body and tries to cover up what he did and refuses to accept responsibility for what he did.

He then also tried to extort money from Mr. & Mrs. Dalton. A true "hero" would have accepted responsibility and somehow overcome the circumstances.

Another reason why Bigger can't be thought of as a hero is because throughout the book he has committed so many deliberate, brutally and violent crimes. Not only did he kill or steal from white people he stole from his own people! He also killed his girlfriend whom he said he loved. Further more, relationship with his family whom he never cared for. He threatened his own friend Gus he with a knife to which a true hero would never have done.

In addition, a hero is someone that the whole world can look up to. He stands out in a crowd as being the best and someone a kid would want to grow up to be. Bigger is certainly not someone to look up to. He never took responsibility for his actions or did anything remotely admirable. The only way in which he stands out is because of negitive attention this is not a quality other should look up to.

In summary, Bigger Thomas is not a hero rather, he is a danger to society. Anyone who can not control themselves from committing acts of violence should not be set free in social setting. Society can not run properly with people that steal and kill. To me, is seems impossible to fathom any kid growing saying I want to grow up and be a murder like bigger, hence making it impracticable to consider Bigger a hero at all.