The Bike Race

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I awoke an early Friday morning from yelling coming from my front lawn. My eyes were only half open when I realized my dad was fighting with my neighbor. The argument was about on how our family was better than his. Truth is, they were always arguing so much about this I didn't even care about it anymore. This upcoming Sunday was different because our community was having a bike race. So, unlucky for me, I had to be entered into the tournament. Now I was going to have to go workout and practice for the race. After all I was quite built, I had been bike riding since I was ten. I had trust in myself to win but I wasn't happy about the idea at all that I had to race against my neighbor in a "bike race" competition. This whole crazy idea was my dad's.

I didn't want to have anything to do with it but this was something I just had to do.

The snow had been falling all night. There was four feet of snow on the ground. It was cold and wet. My dad had woken me up at six A.M. by jumping on my bed, almost breaking my back, and dumping a bucket of ice cold water on my face. It was my very first day of working out for the tournament. I was not at all in the mood for a workout now but I had no choice in the matter. Ten minutes after six I was biking up a steep cliff in four feet of snow. It was bitter cold, my nose felt frozen instantly. It was below zero degrees. My toes were numb. I couldn't feel my face or hands anymore. I thought I would never make...