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Tom Clancy: Master of the Techno-Thriller

Imagine yourself on a submarine. The crew is running around, frantically trying to get to their battle stations. Your hear the creaking of the hull as you descend deeper into the abyss. Everything around you jolts suddenly and you fall to the ground knowing that the next depth charge from above could be the end. On top of that, you have two other submarines in hot pursuit. This is the kind of imagery you get from reading a book by Tom Clancy. The plot is always intriguing, and with its many twists and turns, the reader is pulled further into the book. Along with the intricate plots, his books are also filled with his immense knowledge of espionage, international politics, and the military. Unlike many other fiction books, Clancy's are very realistic and work in modern day concerns and issues. After reading one of his novels, the reader becomes aware of just how possible the story is to actually happening.

All of these things make Tom Clancy one of the most read authors of his time.

Tom Clancy's early life had a major impact on his writing. He was born on April 17, 1947 in Baltimore, Maryland. His father was a mailman while his mother worked for a credit agency. Before working as a mailman, his father served in the military and fought in World War II. Because of Clancy's inquisitive nature, and the inspiration of his father, he became interested in the military and read many books pertaining to it. His hopes of joining the military like his father, were washed away when he failed the physi-cal examination due to poor eyesight. Instead, he went to college and graduated from Loyola College in 1969. Throughout all his schooling, Clancy excelled...