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Bilingual Education Outline


According to the National Association for Bilingual Education, bilingual education is defined as, "the meaning of any use of two languages in school, by teachers or students or both for a variety of social and teaching purposes".

In other words this means in a school environment where information to the students is presented in two or more languages, and any school system using more than one language for instruction is considered bilingual.

Bilingual education refers to different approaches used to teach English learners with the use of their native language for instruction substituted for the English language.


Three main points will be given over bilingual education. (different types of bilingual education, pros and cons, and goals/main objective)

Different types of bilingual educations in the United States (most common)

Bilingual education- information is presented to the student in more than one language.

Two-way bilingual education- Fluent or native speakers of both English and another language are placed in the same classroom and instructed in both languages alternately.

English as a Second Language (ESL) - Non-English speaking students are placed in English-speaking classrooms for part of the day. The other part of the day the students are in a classroom with a trained ESL instructor, where they receive individual and concentrated instruction on the learning of English.

There are many other types of bilingual education but some may not apply to the bilingual requirements. May not technically be bilingual education as to the format of teaching may be in other foreign languages.

Pros and cons


most effective way to teach limited English proficiency

bilingual education students have much to offer from their diversified languages and cultural backgrounds (English plus)

Bilingualism and multilingualism are worldwide norms. The United States is in the monolingual minority...