Bilingual Education

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Bilingual education is built and formed like a blanket. There are many fibers that make up the whole thing. Bilingualeducation requires not only education in the language, but in the different cultures and values of different societies. All of the children's different individual cultures come together and swirl all together in one giant mass. This way all the students can understand what other children go though better.

We are now a nation of people who follow in a line, doing things the way they have been done for years. We aren't judged as a culture by the person we are, or by the interests we have. No matter how much we try there is no way that we can stay out of international affairs, so we might as well learn as much as we can about other people so we can better understand the problems to help them out.

Being able to be taught two, three, or more cultures is becoming increasingly more available. Bilingualeducation is not only for the wealthy or socially privileged anymore. Almost anyone can learn a new language fairly easily. Our country plays a very large role in the well being of the world, and if there are many people who understand the different languages then we can be more active in the affairs of the world whether good or bad.

Bilingualeducation is a must if we are going to be the wealthiest, most powerful nation in the world. It is obvious that the benefits outweigh the side effects of not having it. Bilingualeducation can only help, it will only benefit the country and the people in it. A person who is bilingual can learn far more than someone that only speaks one language.