Bilingual Education.

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Guillaris Florencio

Bilingual Education is important for every child in America. We want to make children in America competent and prepare them to meet the world's standards. The advances in communication and technology will grow the need for individuals who are competent in all areas and that are proficient in more than just English. We have to prepare our students to function in a culturally diverse nation that inevitably is becoming diverse. To create a United States of America more challengeable means educating our children opening doors so they can function knowledgably in the world that is independent. A world like this demands linguistic, cultural and technological preparation. The schools must teach the language of the world and the power of those languages along with geography, history and economics.

Bilingual education is important in our economy. This has been shown by promotional material carrying material that urge Americans to become bilingual.

Parents are learning about the importance to acquire another language other than English. They have seen the importance in academic, social and economic advantages. The advantages of bilinguals have also been shown by lawmakers by requiring students to take foreign language courses in high school and college. American firms and companies express preference for a bilingual person. This shows how society has accepted the need for bilinguism.

Bilinguism also has many social issues for example those students who acquire other language than their native language. There are social advantages to have in consideration. For example Hispanic families have created a code that is to maintain their cultural heritage and their language. These students learn English but they also have their Spanish language which will give them more opportunities in the workforce that students who only speak one language will not have.

Some positive effects of obtaining a bilingual education...